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Writing and signing your will remotely in Thailand

Updated: May 5, 2020

Opera Consulting adapts to continue to assist you effectively during the CoVID-19 Crisis

Our priority is to ensure the efficiency and continuity of our services and the assistance of our customers for all their steps.

In the context of the actual crisis, COVID-19, the Thai law, regarding the extraordinary circumstances, allows to draft and sign your testament remotely.

Here are the steps:

We send you the list of necessary documents and information:

1. The names of the testators

2. The passport copy of the testators

3. Contracts for all real and personal property signed, or title to the property (list of property to be included in the will such as contracts for sale and purchase of property).

4. Copy of bank account book (if needed)

5. The names of all heirs

6. The passport copy of all heirs

7. The division of your property (please describe clearly which property will be vested in which heir, or all the property in equal shares to the heirs, or any other wish for devolution of the estate)

8. In the event of the death of one or more heirs before your death, please specify the names of the heirs to whom the part of the property belonging to these heirs will be vested.

9. The name of your executor or executor

10. Copies of passports of these executors.

After receiving and studying the scanned information and documents), we write your will (in Thai and English, a copy in French may be requested) We also offer the service of keeping a copy in our safe.

Your testament will be sent to you via DHL for signature (a copy by e-mail), once signed, you can return the document to us.

Note: This process is legally possible in the event of extraordinary circumstances. Embassy certification will not exceptionally be required.

Why is it important to write your will?

In the context of international investment, in order to protect your investment, the will is advised from your first real estate purchase. It is also recommended to include all your assets (bank accounts, cars, etc.)

This will can then be modified: add a property, an heir or modify the sharing initially planned.

Opera Consulting is an international law firm based in Bangkok, Asok (Sukhumvit Soi 13). Our lawyers and consultants speak Thai, English, and French. The team is managed by a Thai lawyer, specialized in real estate law, registered at the Thai Bar, with 15 years of experience with an international clientele.

The DNA of our French-speaking firm is to accompany our clients in Thailand for all their steps.

We offer services related to the installation in Thailand (immigration, driving license, etc.), Accompaniment during a real estate purchase (due diligence, contract review, registration at the cadastre...), Family law (drafting of Will, marriage registration, prenuptial agreement, divorce...) Business law, Company creation (registration, contracts, changes of statutes, intellectual property, bankruptcy) and Litigation before the Thai courts (real estate litigation etc.).

Contact us today for a free quotation and any additional information you may need:

This article is a general briefing note which does not replace the advice for any individual situation, the firmshall not be rendered liable for its content.


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